Westside Seniors Hub Launches New Website

by Scott Douglas Jacobsen | 2017-02-11 15:00:28

Neighbourhood houses remain integral to the wellbeing of communities because they draw on the education, skills, and talents of local residents. Since 1984, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (Kits House) has been important to the Kitsilano community with a long history providing programs and services for the local residents. Kits House earned start-up funding from the Vancouver Foundation from 2014-2015. With the funds, Kits House formed the Westside Seniors Hub (the Hub), which has launched its new website - westsideseniorshub.org. The principal objective for the website is making it fast and simple for seniors to find programs and services on Vancouver’s Westside.

The Hub is made of 12 Hub Partner organizations, a 10-member Hub Council led by seniors, and 3 issue-based, action-oriented committees. It encourages collaboration between Westside non-profit groups and agencies, which provide programs and services for seniors. The Hub Council, and its committees, is comprised of senior volunteers who liaise with the Partners, identify seniors’ needs, and encourage collaboration among Partners and other community organizations.

The new website provides “one-stop-shopping” for all the programs and services provided by the Hub’s Partner network. Whether it’s assistance with income tax preparation, in-home care or opportunities to socialize and have fun, westsideseniorshub.org makes it easy for seniors to find the resources they need. There is an interactive map to show program and service locations, contact information and details about services and links to each Hub Partner’s website, and directions to programs via car or public transit. An events calendar simplifies viewing regularly scheduled programs and special events offered by each Partner. The website also includes translations for over 40 languages.

The Hub website’s value comes from easier access to the Westside Seniors Hub community and its partnerships. “The Westside Seniors Hub Council is excited about the website for the improvement of community life through the Hub and its Partners. With the new website, we are connecting people to their communities,” said Kathie Orchard, chair of the Westside Seniors Hub. “The website will help bring communities, especially seniors, closer together through more enjoyable, and fun access to the Westside Seniors Hub and its Partners’ programs and services. The wellbeing of citizens and communities is the vision of Kits House and the Westside Seniors Hub. The Hub, Kits House, and its partners have already touched many lives and hearts.”

As the Hub changes and becomes more integral to the community, the website will too. The Hub welcomes inquiries from other Westside non-profits, community groups, and agencies serving seniors who may want to become Partners. Eventually, the website will link to social media and make possible the sharing of activities involving Westside seniors. Many Westside seniors want to ‘age in place.’ If you want to find out more or become involved, please see the information below:

2305 West 7th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V6K 1Y4
Tel: 604-736-3588