One of the key components of the Hub is the network of Partner Organizations. Partner Organizations serve seniors on the Westside and have an interest in collaborating with others to support seniors in their community. They meet quarterly to share information about resources and assets, identify emerging issues, and collaborate on building a range of integrated services for seniors. They work with the Hub Council, serve on committees to act on identified issues, and represent the Hub to the public and various constituencies.

We are always looking to connect with new organizations.

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The Hub is seniors-led in order to best address the needs of seniors. It promotes a healthy aging process, recognizing that multiple generations and cohorts need different activities and supports. Seniors provide guidance on increasing access and options in seniors programming.


The overarching intention of the collaboration between Partner Organizations is to maximize benefits for the community and leverage resources effectively, for example by seeking opportunities for support and collaboration. The Hub involves community engagement and advocacy with diverse facets of the community, including local seniors, their families and service providers.


The Hub operates on values of respect where everyone is treated with care and compassion. We aim to foster independence, self-esteem, dignity and empowerment for seniors and their families.


The Hub strives to create a sense of belonging and inclusion and provide opportunities to be connected and engaged in the community.


The Hub Partner Organizations operate in a spirit of respect for each other and are clear and open about their intentions. They bring forward any issues that arise during the course of Hub work so that they can be addressed by the group.


If you are a public, non-profit, or faith-based organization that serves seniors on Vancouver’s Westside, we would like to collaborate with you!

What value does Westside Seniors Hub offer?

  • Help Westside seniors find programs and services faster and easier through a ‘one stop information source’
  • Enable the sharing of information and resources between Hub Partner Organizations and other community partners
  • Better meet the needs of Westside seniors through sharing of knowledge between seniors and Hub Partner Organizations
  • Increase community awareness of seniors issues and strengthen advocacy on Westside seniors issues

How does partnering in the Westside Seniors Hub benefit my organization?

  • Enhance community awareness of your seniors’ programs and increase participation
  • Learn from experiences and insights of other seniors service providers on the Westside
  • Share ideas and solutions to improve seniors’ programs and services
  • Amplify the voice of Westside seniors service providers through the collective power of many

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Hub Partner Organization?

  • Actively support the goals and operation of the Westside Seniors Hub by attending quarterly meetings, sitting on committees where possible, and providing advice and expertise to council and committees when requested
  • Provide program and event information for profiling in Hub communications
  • Share ideas, successes, and challenges at quarterly Partner meetings
  • Share information from Partner meetings within your organization
  • Promote the network of Partner Organizations and make referrals where appropriate

Partners meet quarterly and communicate via email between meetings. Partners are encouraged to join committees relevant to their work and offer space or resources to help the various Hub Committees.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a Hub partner.