Hub Projects are taken on by Hub Committees, issue-based, action-oriented groups made up of representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and the community.  They meet as needed to focus attention on particular issues or activities by sharing information, suggesting to the Council what approaches might work, and planning events.  They act on behalf of seniors to bring attention to issues and gaps in services.  Their work engages businesses, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public in moving towards a community where seniors can have their needs met and age well.

We are always looking for new Hub committee members.

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Access & Mobility Committee

The Committee was formed in November 2015 to:

  1. Identify seniors’ concerns and needs regarding access and mobility
  2. Develop strategies to address those concerns
  3. Engage Partner Organizations in coordinated action to keep seniors active and safe within their neighbourhoods

Who are we?  The Committee has members from the following organizations: Hub Council, Partner Organizations (Dunbar Residents’ Association, Jewish Family Alliance), local non-profit organization (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation).  The committee is seeking additional members from other seniors’ serving organizations or from the public.

What are we doing?  The Access & Mobility Committee is currently engaged in a pilot project, Walk and Be Seen 2016, which launched on October 22, 2016 and will end in March 2017.  The project received a mini-grant from Vancouver Coastal Health Trauma Unit to get started.  Two other sponsors contributed additional funding and Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is providing in-kind and administrative support.

This is a pedestrian visibility project that encourages seniors to walk and be more visible during low-light hours.  The Committee has registered over 150 seniors who live on Vancouver’s Westside and given them one of two free reflective items: a safety sash with a reflective stripe or a battery-operated slap-band that glows or blinks.  In addition, each of these registrants has received some educational materials and is being asked to log their walks when wearing their free gear.  Walkers have been asked to notify the Committee how often they wear their gear and to provide feedback about their experiences while wearing it.

The City of Vancouver Seniors Advisory Committee, Transportation, Accessibility & Mobility Subcommittee  We send a representative to monthly meetings to stay informed about current issues such as City plans for upgrading drop off and pick up, shelters, and benches at Skytrain stations, public washrooms, 10th Avenue Health Precinct upgrades, etc.

Access & Mobility Committee Members:

  • Sabina Harpe – Westside Seniors Hub Council member, Access & Mobility Co-Chair
  • Lynn Shepherd – Westside Seniors Hub Council member Access & Mobility Co-Chair
  • Andrea Sara – Dunbar Residents’ Association
  • Dalia Margalit-Faircloth – Jewish Family Service Agency (Seniors Outreach Counsellor)
  • Stephanie Williams – Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (General Manager)
  • Kathie Orchard – Westside Seniors Hub Council Chair
  • Adjunct members: Sandy James, WalkMetroVan

We welcome interested participants in Access & Mobility projects as guests or potential members.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more or volunteering to participate.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee aims to fulfill one of the principal goals of the Hub, to provide resources for people who want to learn more about seniors’ serving organizations and their services on Vancouver’s Westside.  It aims to do this by providing online and print materials that are accessible to seniors, their families and caregivers, and the general public.  The Committee has members from the Hub Council and the lead Partner Organization, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.  It is seeking additional members from Partner Organizations and from the public who have skills in website maintenance, photography, messaging development, and publishing.

A New Horizons grant enabled the Hub to hire Communications Consultants to:

  1. Conduct consultations with seniors for input on the design of Hub communication materials
  2. Design a branding logo, a website, and print materials and to conduct quality testing for them
  3. Draft a sustainable Communications Plan for maintaining the website and other materials
  4. Plan the roll-out of the new seniors friendly Hub website

Grant funding ended in March 2016 and a preliminary version of the website was completed.  The Committee drafted a Communications Plan to the Hub Council and Partner Organizations in May 2016. In February 2017, the website officially launched.

Communications Committee Members:

  • Derik Hyatt – Westside Seniors Hub Facilitator (Kitsilano Neighbourhood House)
  • Bill Cooksley, Raymond Greenwood, Christine Sotteau – Westside Seniors Hub Council

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more or volunteering to participate.

Health & Wellness Committee

The Health & Wellness Committee has three main goals:

  1. To identify key physical, social, and mental health issues of Westside Seniors
  2. To prioritize needs and find ways to address them through collaboration with Westside Seniors Hub Council, Hub Partners, other seniors serving organizations, and the community
  3. To promote awareness of seniors’ needs and advocate for change

The committee meets monthly or as needed.  Representatives include Hub Council, Partner Organizations and seniors.  Through a partnership with the Alzheimer Society the Committee recently conducted a series of workshops training volunteers and staff of Westside organizations to create a more dementia-friendly community.  The series also included 2 community education workshops for the public.

Health & Wellness Committee Members:

  • Mary Jane MacLennan – Westside Seniors Hub Council
  • Jan Finch – Westside Seniors Hub Council
  • Clemencia Gomez – South Granville Seniors Centre
  • (Currently Vacant) – Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Sylvie Krutchen – Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
  • Cindy McMillan – Jewish Family Service Association
  • Hilda Quan – Westside Senior

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more or volunteering to participate.