10th Avenue Health Precinct Planning Updates

by Westside Seniors Hub | 2017-05-03 09:22:28

The City of Vancouver Transportation Department undertook a two-phase public consultation process in 2015-2016 regarding redesign proposals for the West 10th Avenue ‘Health Precinct’ (Cambie to Oak Streets).  Seniors, persons with disabilities, and many stakeholders provided feedback on those proposals. The 10th Avenue Corridor Project team has undertaken further review of its November 2016 plan with Vancouver Coastal Health, BC Cancer Agency, and Provincial Health Services Authority. On April 19th, Dylan Passmore, City Senior Transportation Engineer, presented several refinements emerging from that review process to members of the Westside Seniors Hub. Negotiations are still underway with various agencies and levels of government to finalize a plan that is due to be submitted to City Council in mid-May. The Phase 3 plan will be available online about a week before that Council meeting. You can sign up for project updates here

The refinements to November’s recommended design are intended to address concerns expressed by agencies and the public:  emergency vehicle and patient access to facilities, vehicle circulation, parking and passenger loading close to key health services.   We note a few of the significant changes to the November design:

  • Restrict vehicular traffic to one-way from Cambie to Ash Streets and install a signal at Ash & 10th
  • Separate right and left turning lanes at the Oak Street & 10th Ave intersection and install phased signaling appropriate for cyclists, pedestrians and traffic
  • Raise all pedestrian crossings to sidewalk level to slow traffic and mark with ‘shark’s teeth’ and zebra lines
  • Create new bus stops on the east and west sides of Oak & 10th intersection
  • Create 10-15 metered disability parking spaces in the vicinity of the Eye Care Centre, Arthritis Centre and Blusson Spinal Cord Centre
  • Continue discussions with the Provincial Health Services Authority about developing approximately 120 parking spaces on their vacant lot at NW corner of Ash & 10th
  • Develop a new parallel bike route on 14th, connecting north-south from 10th west of Oak St (likely Alder St) and rejoining 10th Ave at Ontario St
  Consultations will soon be underway to develop a wayfinding plan for the Health Precinct so signage for buildings, parking, drop-off/pick-up zones, shelters, restrooms etc are more uniform. The intention is to alert everyone that this area is akin to a school zone where extra care is needed to protect vulnerable users.